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Wilde Academy was founded by no other than Vincent Cornelius Wilde, a philosopher at heart and an allegedly psychotic genius by profession. No one really knows where he got the money to start the Academy, but who cares?

Situated at the Western Coast of Australia, the Wildesiders are the best of the best and the worst of the worst. It is here that the hierarchy of society is experienced by the students in Wilde Academy's impeccably liberated but effective educational program. Here, the students could take life by the horns or watch from the sidelines and wish they were the ones on the spotlight (and more or less risk getting kicked in the ass in the process).

No one could deny that Wilde Academy has consistently been producing future leaders, superstar athletes, multimillionaire geniuses, Nobel Prize Winners and other influential people over the past sixty years. But W.A. has had their share of professional couch potatoes, drug dealers, wannabe superstars and nobodies. But hey, first class facilities are hard to come by these days. Parents would do anything to get their children to the very top, but the possibility of dropping to the lowest of the low is very real and very possible.

It's high school, ladies and gents.

Anything could happen.

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So this Jew walks into a bar... ^<Open>^

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So this Jew walks into a bar... ^<Open>^

Post by Kaylee Evans on Sun May 05, 2013 9:42 pm

~SOMERSAULT, BACKFLIP, PIVOT, THEN SMILE!~ Before she would run into the cafeteria with her super exciting entrance she took a moment to think about what could have the potential to be the worst moment of her life. Her random thoughts shut down now, she was going to be clear, obvious and direct with her movements, her posture, and her walk. Her purse hung on her right arm, she were a delightful summer dress with an abstract pattern and a creamy color scheme. Jewelry wasn't really her thing, but she had a nice little bracelet on her right hand made from string and different colored pieces of clay. When she pushed the double doors leading the cafeteria, she gasped and put her hand over her mouth prematurely, she did it for dramatic effect for anyone who would notice her entrance but she found that the cafeteria was... lacking anything even close to resembling what Kimmy wanted in a crowd or audience. She put her hand down and let it hand and a look of disappointment was now apparent on her face. She rolled her eyes and let out a loud sigh, more for attention regardless of the people who seemed to occupy the cafeteria. ~Oh my God, waste of time, Why did I even come to a cafeteria? Fuck my life so hard~ "UM, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE HERE ON SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY? DON'T ANY OF YOU OWN A LIFE??!" She asked frustrated that there were people here to witness her coming into a cafeteria, what a good way to start out your social life, rumors going around about you wasting your time in the cafeteria with a bunch of losers. She was quite delusional, unaware of the fact that no one knew her and therefore didn't care about telling people she was here.
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Re: So this Jew walks into a bar... ^<Open>^

Post by Alice Langdon on Sat May 11, 2013 1:30 am

Alice had been sitting by herself, enjoying a bowl of oatmeal she'd made in her dorm and brought to the cafeteria. She hadn't been too sure what to expect from the school food, and had just been on an oatmeal binge as of late and hadn't felt like sticking around to see if she had a roommate. Sue her, breakfast food was always best when eaten for any meal than the one it was intended for. Nobody had even attempted to sit with her so far, and those who even eyed her table received a death glare from yours truly. Though she'd made the effort to eat in public, she had no interest in interacting with any of these people yet. It was just the first day and she had loads more important things to busy herself with, like silently observing. Socializing could wait, she was basically living with most of these people at this point. If anything, she would be tired of them before she even spoke to most of them.
As she shoved another spoonful into her mouth, she couldn't help but jump and nearly spit out the mouthful of warm cereal when somebody began yelling. Looking up, she saw a girl she hadn't even noticed walk in standing in front of the doors. She looked upset and Alice could scarcely fathom as to why, nor did she really care. By the looks of it, it was probably because of a broken nail or split ends. Swallowing the oatmeal and wiping her mouth, Alice just shook her head before replying loudly and in a tone similar to the yelling chick's.
"Says the psycho screaming in the middle of a school cafeteria..." She looked straight at the girl, glaring bloody daggers at her. She ate some more oatmeal.

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Re: So this Jew walks into a bar... ^<Open>^

Post by Aaron King on Sat May 11, 2013 2:28 am

Aaron surveyed the cafeteria, seemingly a part of the system of students even though most of them gave him a wide berth. Of course they did. Aaron had a thing for doing things on a whim and one of them was placing these demented kids in the hell hole that was detention. Of course, people respected Aaron to the point that no one dared to look directly at him like he wasn't even there. Aaron preferred it that way for some weird reason.

A twitch of irritation marred his blank expression when some girl with an annoying voice started shouting at the top of her lungs. Flickering his gaze to the source of the commotion, he noticed another girl from across the room. She was alone. Aaron smirked before looking away.

"Annoying," he murmured to himself as he casually sat on one of the tables despite the fact that someone was already using it. He always did hate high school.


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Re: So this Jew walks into a bar... ^<Open>^

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