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Wilde Academy was founded by no other than Vincent Cornelius Wilde, a philosopher at heart and an allegedly psychotic genius by profession. No one really knows where he got the money to start the Academy, but who cares?

Situated at the Western Coast of Australia, the Wildesiders are the best of the best and the worst of the worst. It is here that the hierarchy of society is experienced by the students in Wilde Academy's impeccably liberated but effective educational program. Here, the students could take life by the horns or watch from the sidelines and wish they were the ones on the spotlight (and more or less risk getting kicked in the ass in the process).

No one could deny that Wilde Academy has consistently been producing future leaders, superstar athletes, multimillionaire geniuses, Nobel Prize Winners and other influential people over the past sixty years. But W.A. has had their share of professional couch potatoes, drug dealers, wannabe superstars and nobodies. But hey, first class facilities are hard to come by these days. Parents would do anything to get their children to the very top, but the possibility of dropping to the lowest of the low is very real and very possible.

It's high school, ladies and gents.

Anything could happen.

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Post by Freya McDermott on Sat May 11, 2013 10:08 am

Freya Rae McDermott

who are you?

FULL NAME: Freya Rae McDermott
NICKNAMES: My name is Freya, you can call me Freya.
AGE: Seventeen
BIRTHDATE: 24th September 1997
ENROLLING AS: Boarding Student
YEAR: Junior
APPEARANCE: I'm 5'7, blonde with thick eyebrows -it's a genetic misfortune I suppose, I have blue eyes and pale legs. I'm not really sure if you'd class me as curvy, I'm mainly knees and elbows, I've partially grown more into my skin. I have a birth mark shaped like Madagascar on my waist.
LIKES: Boys on swing sets, girls on skate boards, long words and playing oxymoron games, people who are opinionated and have big mouths.
DISLIKES: Swimming costumes that cling, dripping taps, radiators, clowns I'm deathly afraid of clowns, people, sheep.

tell me more!

I’m not a social butterfly in any sense of the word, for the most part I like to be by myself, not because I think I’m self-initialled or any of that other pretentious bull**, I’m just not very talkative, and when I am I don’t seem to be able to talk about the right things, I’m not the kind of girl who can hold people for very long, it’s not because I’m “afraid” of getting hurt, more often than not I’m the one doing the hurting, I’m abrasive, rude and I like that. Because I’m a writer, an actress, an only child, which either means I’m either going to be creative or a psychopathic serial killer, I’m not too worried about how people perceive me, I’m not me most of the time anyway, as Shakespeare put it I’m a player, a character. Not quite ever myself, you see?

how did you get here?

I was born 24th September 1997, my heart stopped twice, yet somehow I still managed to survive, I took my first breath, my mother took her last. I suppose my father was either absent or simply too ashamed of his monstrous child to want to care anymore, either way I ended up in the social care system, moving on from family to family, from house to house. For different reasons things didn’t work out, at my third home when I was 12 I set the garden shed alight, in my fourth home, I cut off the dogs fur, and in my final home they decided to send me hear instead, I’m not sure why I am the way I am, perhaps I have a history of mental illness, perhaps I’m just a messed up child I wouldn’t know. I know as much about myself as you know about your own face, I’ve seen pictures, been shown documents but my history is still something I feel unfamiliar with. I suppose including the fact that I might possibly be a pyromaniac isn’t the best way to fill out an application form to a school… sorry, but how better to end it then including my previous run-ins with the law, I used to be a mild pick-pocket, I liked the thrill and the control I felt from taking things that simply didn’t belong to me, don’t worry of course, I’m not into that stuff anymore. Now I’m on the straight and narrow…
I like school if it’s any constellation, I’m an avid reader, I love history and learning about things and other cultures, I’m just… a bit of a mess of things.



"If you like me, then say you like me."
Freya McDermott


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Post by Aaron King on Sat May 11, 2013 10:21 am


Okay so for the most part, you did your app pretty well. another congratulations to you, Crystal. So I liked how the girl changed from her old way to the girl she is now. Of course, we'll have to see how her personality plays out later on. I placed her under NATURALS. Welcome to the wilde side.

accepted by ethan


It's called living. --Anonymous
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