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Wilde Academy was founded by no other than Vincent Cornelius Wilde, a philosopher at heart and an allegedly psychotic genius by profession. No one really knows where he got the money to start the Academy, but who cares?

Situated at the Western Coast of Australia, the Wildesiders are the best of the best and the worst of the worst. It is here that the hierarchy of society is experienced by the students in Wilde Academy's impeccably liberated but effective educational program. Here, the students could take life by the horns or watch from the sidelines and wish they were the ones on the spotlight (and more or less risk getting kicked in the ass in the process).

No one could deny that Wilde Academy has consistently been producing future leaders, superstar athletes, multimillionaire geniuses, Nobel Prize Winners and other influential people over the past sixty years. But W.A. has had their share of professional couch potatoes, drug dealers, wannabe superstars and nobodies. But hey, first class facilities are hard to come by these days. Parents would do anything to get their children to the very top, but the possibility of dropping to the lowest of the low is very real and very possible.

It's high school, ladies and gents.

Anything could happen.

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Sydney Stonem

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Sydney Stonem

Post by Sydney Stonem on Sun May 05, 2013 6:19 am

Sydney Avery Stonem

who are you?

FULL NAME: Sydney Avery Stonem
AGE: 16
BIRTHDATE: December 17
HOMETOWN: Biddenden, England
APPEARANCE: Sydney has aquamarine eyes, that go nicely with her pale skin. She stands at 5'10 and is quite slender. Her face is dotted with freckles from being out in the sun, even though she wears sun screen pretty much at all times. Sydney's medium length blonde hair is often found down, and can either be curled or straight. Her style consists of many dresses and skirts, and she can hardly be found in jeans unless they are shorts.
LIKES: Science, Comic books, flowers, birds, space, math, hand sanitizer, music (especially classical), books,
DISLIKES: Germs, anything dirty or smelly, locker rooms, public anything, Door knobs, fast food, non-organic food, Ignorant people

tell me more!

Sydney is not your average teenage girl. Not only is she practically a genius, but her fear of germs keeps her from doing many things. Her intelligence also hinders her life, for she thinks of everything that could possibly go wrong. This has stopped her from doing many things such as sports, going to carnivals, using public transportation, and using any type of drug, including caffeine. She likes to keep to herself, but doesn't go out of her way to avoid people. She does enjoy company, as long as the person is decent and not so annoying. Sydney enjoys many things such as people watching, bird watching, and anything mathematical or science related.

Even though she is a bit different, she likes to speak her mind and isn't afraid to state her opinions. To most, this surprises people and if she says anything they don't like they don't say much about it. Even when she does run into trouble, her wits get her out of the situation easily. When wronged, she can be quite manipulative and often becomes quite tricky. In some sense, she relates herself to Loki, because she has always been one to use brains over bronze. Although she is intelligent, Sydney has a very nice sense of humor and finds many things funny even if they are stupid, as long as they are not harmful to others. As scary as the world is, Sydney like to look nice and made an exception to use make up and hair products.

how did you get here?

Sydney grew up on a ranch in Biddenden, England. Her family is loaded with money so she never had to do any dirty farm work, but she did like interacting with the animals. She often rode horses as a child and would grow her own food so she knew it wasn't diseased with pesticides. The food and animals they raised were all organic, if they weren't she would have refused to eat. Her family never knew how she came about her phobia of germs, it was almost like she was born with it. Sydney had an older brother, that was far older than herself, and they didn't talk often because of the huge age gap. Her parents were a bit old, and it was practically a miracle that she even existed. Since her parents were pretty old, she was mostly raised by her aunt Macy. They were very close and Sydney learned pretty much everything she knows about beauty from her. The family was only really together on holidays, and even then they all didn't talk much. It wasn't that they didn't like each other, it was just that they were all too busy thinking about things. Her aunt was the black sheep of the family and was never really loved math and intelligent things like the rest of her family. She loved gossip, shopping, make up, and the finer things in life. Since Sydney was around her aunt often, this influenced her to be a bit different from the rest of her family since she was a mixture of the two.

Since the family lived on a secluded ranch, Sydney was home schooled. Of course this only gave her a better education and she skipped a grade. Since she was home schooled, she didn't know many people, but her social skills were never affected by this. Her grades were always through the roof, and often she felt as though she was teaching her teacher. Her parents think that her intelligence is from all the classical music her mother listened to while pregnant, but Sydney doesn't find that quite true. She always loved school and even when she didn't have any work to do, she was usually researching things and learning as much as she could. This resulted in Sydney learning about many things that most people don't know about. She was always outside with a telescope, trying to identify everything she could in the sky and would often fall asleep because she was up so late. Her curiosity was was endless and she was always finding new things to test and learn about. Sadly the more she learned, the more cautious she became. She stopped doing things she used to love, in fear of all the possible things that could happen.

Her parents had her go to a therapist weekly, trying to get her phobias to lessen, but this usually did nothing. As the years went on, she only seemed to get worse and her parents had no idea what to do. Soon enough her aunt came up with a solution that she thought would help. Her aunt felt she needed to interact with others her age and she found the perfect boarding school for her to go to. Thankfully they had their own private jet, because they had to sedate her to get her onto the plane. When she woke up, she was in a hotel room with her aunt, and she almost had a heart attack. However as she looked outside the window and saw how beautiful Australia was, she forgave her family and agreed to go to the boarding school.



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Re: Sydney Stonem

Post by Aaron King on Sun May 05, 2013 6:34 am


I gotta say that I can't wait to RP with Sydney. I like the idea of having someone like her at the Academy and I wonder how shell turn out. I especially like her personality. I placed her under GEEKS.

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