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Wilde Academy was founded by no other than Vincent Cornelius Wilde, a philosopher at heart and an allegedly psychotic genius by profession. No one really knows where he got the money to start the Academy, but who cares?

Situated at the Western Coast of Australia, the Wildesiders are the best of the best and the worst of the worst. It is here that the hierarchy of society is experienced by the students in Wilde Academy's impeccably liberated but effective educational program. Here, the students could take life by the horns or watch from the sidelines and wish they were the ones on the spotlight (and more or less risk getting kicked in the ass in the process).

No one could deny that Wilde Academy has consistently been producing future leaders, superstar athletes, multimillionaire geniuses, Nobel Prize Winners and other influential people over the past sixty years. But W.A. has had their share of professional couch potatoes, drug dealers, wannabe superstars and nobodies. But hey, first class facilities are hard to come by these days. Parents would do anything to get their children to the very top, but the possibility of dropping to the lowest of the low is very real and very possible.

It's high school, ladies and gents.

Anything could happen.

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Alice Langdon

Post by Alice Langdon on Sun May 05, 2013 5:40 am

Alice Lenore Langdon

who are you?

FULL NAME: Alice Lenore Langdon
AGE: sixteen
BIRTHDATE: February/20th
HOMETOWN: Aberdeen, Washington
ENROLLING AS: Boarding Student
YEAR: Sophomore
OCCUPATION: Dark Lord Satan
APPEARANCE: Alice doesn't have a spectacular build. She's not extraordinarily curvy in fact one could as far as saying she's got next to no curves whatsoever. Standing at 5'4" she's slender with a light complexion and various tattoos that aren't too visible for the most part. Her dark brown hair is naturally wavy and usually left as so. Her blue eyes are rarely not lined with thick black eyeliner, but that's the most make up you'll find her wearing, during the day at least. She's usually donning darker shades of clothing and dresses how she likes, whether others approve of it or not; combat boots, flannels, leather, layers of jewelry and short dresses. She doesn't spend too much time on her appearance, because she rarely has any reason to.
LIKES: things, cigarettes, stuff, Redbull, people
DISLIKES: things, people, stuff, spiders, being powerless

tell me more!

She's never the same person twice.
self destructive tendencies, they're oh so addicting and so much fun, great for birthday parties, weddings, and hell even bar mitzvahs. she's also a a bit reckless and doesn't always weigh the consequences before acting or speaking. she's not very good at obeying, she'll do the exact opposite of what she's told just because she can. manic depressive and doesn't always take her medication. moderation isn't something she's quite grasped and it doesn't help that she has an addictive personality.
she's not a fan of crowds, but she doesn't enjoy being alone all the time. it leaves too much time for over thinking. pushing people away is much easier than working through problems. prioritizing can go on her list of things that need working on. hates being held down and doesn't like being pitied or looked down on. suffocate her and she'll act out. she's not a complete piece of shit though, she's got a heart and doesn't judge too harshly. sinner, sinner, sinner, she eats saints for dinner.

how did you get here?

Alice was born to Annabel and Lenny Langdon in miserable Aberdeen, Washington. She doesn't have any memories of it though, because they moved shortly after her birth to a small town in southern California. That's where she attended the first few years of elementary school. Her parents each had their own little problems, alcoholism and gambling. Nothing was ever stable, financially especially. One month they would be eating luxuriously every night, and the next barely getting by on a small box of ramen noodles and cheap insta coffee. By the age of 5, her parent's vices had gotten out of control and in result they were living poor every month. Unable to pay bills and such, they were forced to sell their house and moved into a small apartment. However that was only the first of many moves and by time Alice was 9, she'd learned not to get too attached to anybody or anyplace.
Her parents were still struggling with balancing their addictions with raising their only daughter. The family was barely making it in between paychecks so Ronni didn't have much besides the basic neccesities. It got her bullied at school, but she was so apathetic by this point that she simply ignored it, with the occasional retort or physical attack here and there. Her parents divorced around the time she was finishing up sixth grade, but it proved to be for the better. Both her mom and dad still had their problems but for whatever reason, the split somehow made the whole financial situation a little better. They had joint custody of Ronni, so she was forced into bouncing back and forth between parents every other week. Her dad eventually moved out of the country, and to satisfy the whole joint custody situation ,she finished up elementary school and a month of 6th grade in Vegas while living with her mom and the rest in Bristol, England with her dad.
Without all the financial problems making everything stressful, she was able to have a pretty normal sort of life. She was able to spend money on things that weren't necessary, and she managed to make some friends, even if they weren't the type that her parent would have approved of if they were paying any attention. Her short time in Vegas gave her a taste of a crazy nightlife that left her wanting more, and she didn't let the move to Bristol change that. She snuck out at night, and her dad made it pretty easy with his not being home alot. One night things got out of control and she ended up in the hospital, getting her stomach pumped. The doctors deemed it a suicide attempt and she was put under suicide watch for month and a half before being allowed to return to home and to school. Unsurprisingly, word got out about what had happened, and after only a few weeks back, she found the constant whispering, pitying and judging eyes overwhelming and just stopped going to school. Her dad, not bothering to argue, hired a private tutor to help her finish the rest of her school year at home. The tutor eventually got fed up with her a quit so she was enrolled at a different school out of town. That only lasted so long before she was back in the hospital, from another attempt to off herself.
Her parents were more annoyed than concern, convinced their little princess was just looking for attention. However they paid the hospital bills and she was stuck in the lousy place for almost a year before they released her. Mommy and Daddy eventually decided that boarding school would do her some good and hopefully provide some stability. As they searched for a good school, she was put through many support and counseling groups and home tutors. After many nights of googling and asking around, they sent in applications and all the other important papers to various boarding schools in around the world. In the end, both agreed that Wilde Academy seemed like the best choice so they saved up enough cash and split the bill.


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Re: Alice Langdon

Post by Aaron King on Sun May 05, 2013 5:53 am


That was deep, deep, deep stuff. Kudos on your history. It's a little tragic but in a good way. I can't wait to see how she acts around the students of Wilde and hopefully, we'll have some fun. I placed her under INSURGENTS. Don't forget to do your claims!

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