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Wilde Academy was founded by no other than Vincent Cornelius Wilde, a philosopher at heart and an allegedly psychotic genius by profession. No one really knows where he got the money to start the Academy, but who cares?

Situated at the Western Coast of Australia, the Wildesiders are the best of the best and the worst of the worst. It is here that the hierarchy of society is experienced by the students in Wilde Academy's impeccably liberated but effective educational program. Here, the students could take life by the horns or watch from the sidelines and wish they were the ones on the spotlight (and more or less risk getting kicked in the ass in the process).

No one could deny that Wilde Academy has consistently been producing future leaders, superstar athletes, multimillionaire geniuses, Nobel Prize Winners and other influential people over the past sixty years. But W.A. has had their share of professional couch potatoes, drug dealers, wannabe superstars and nobodies. But hey, first class facilities are hard to come by these days. Parents would do anything to get their children to the very top, but the possibility of dropping to the lowest of the low is very real and very possible.

It's high school, ladies and gents.

Anything could happen.

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>>...table of contents...<<

the basics
starting out
on claims
how our time works
day students and boarding students
sh*t happens
how events can affect you
on jobs and money
the rating system
the staff list

the basics

So to start things of, I will present to you this smiley ッ so you know everything going to be a-okay.

Now, you will have to know what you're getting into before you actually join. This is an interactive role-playing forum focused on the lives of the Wilde Academy students and the adults who guide them. Our setting? If you look to the left of the screen, you will see that the school is located at View Point Heights. Please let it be known that this is a fictional place. Supposedly, View Point is at the western side of beautiful Australia. More on the Academy's history will be found here.

starting out

When registering, please use your character's name as your username: FIRST LAST in normal capitalization.

First, you have to figure out if you want to play a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Faculty or just an Adult. Then you have to visualize your character and think about how you want him.her to be like. When you've figured that out, you're going to have to fill out his/her application. Please note that the personality of your character will affect the clique that he/she will belong in. The application forms can be found here. Please take note of the BANS.

Once you've found form, you will have to create a new topic with you character's FULL NAME in all caps.

Note: If you have any questions on the difference of Boarding Students and Day Students, scroll down.

Please give our fellow staff up to 48 hours to check up on your application. If they fail to check out your application by then, feel free to PM any of the staff. We'll be happy to do a follow up. Once you have been accepted, you can then proceed to doing your claims.

on claims

FACE CLAIMS should be done within 24 hours. When your character is accepted, the play by you signed up for will be on reserve for only 24 hours. Failure to claim your PB within 24 hours would mean that your PB is up for grabs again. So before anything else, make sure you do your Face Claims.

Reminder: Boarding Students will automatically be assigned to a dorm. Day students will be provided with a house in The Suburbs.

SPORTS CLAIMS are for students who are into physical activities. There will be various sports that will be available for the students. To join a sport, you are required to RP a short try out post. The direction will vary from sport to sport so make sure you read everything. If you want to suggest a sport, feel free to PM the Admin.

CLUBS are a group of students who share the same interests. Each club has different requirements. Some clubs may even require a fee before you can join. Other may require you to do an audition via RP. All club rooms are found in August Hall. Club Creation has a fee of $50.00. All Club Leaders have moderator privileges over their club rooms.

MAIN PLOT would refer to plots that center on the main events that will happen to the school. There will be random plots posted throughout the school year so make sure you check the PLOT CLAIMS out every now and then so you can get the chance to participate in any major plot. You never know, you might just be the next hero. Some plot will look for a villain, others will need spectators. Your role will depend on what you get.

CLAIM A CANON if you want a pre-made character. Canons are characters that are made by THE STAFF. You are not allowed to copy these characters in any way. There may be instances when you will be allowed to change a minor detail here and there, but you will have to contact the Admin for any changes. To claim a Canon, you will have to audition for it. If a Staff Member thinks you're up for the spot, then you get the role.

how our time works

1 school year IG (in game) = 2 months RT (real time)

first two weeks = February - March - April = 1st Semester
second two weeks = May- June - July = 2nd Semester
third two weeks = August - September - October = 3rd Semester
fourth two weeks = November - December - January = 4th Semester


Summer: December to February
Autumn: March to May
Winter: June to August
Spring: September to November

SUMMER BREAK: December - January

START OF SCHOOL first week of February

day students and boarding students

So you have to know the difference between Boarding Students and Day students, yeah? Okay let's go straight to the facts.

DAY STUDENTS are for students whose houses are within the town. Those who opt to have day students will automatically be provided with a house in The Suburbs. Everyone, yes, EVERYONE will have the same house at the start. No matter how rich you portray your character, the image of your house board will be a normal, middle-class house. If you want to upgrade your house, you will have to earn money. Once you have enough cash, you can go to the Real Estate office which can be found at theWHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING board and then you can upgrade your crib. Careful though, houses can be really pricey.

BOARDING STUDENTS are students whose homes are far away or even out of the country. Wilde Academy is an internationally acclaimed school. It's only natural that kids from all around the world would enroll at the academy. Boarders will be provided with a DORM that they share with one other person. Dorms are separated by gender only. What year you are doesn't count. All Boarders start with standard rooms. If you want an upgrade, all you have to do is check out the Administrative Offices there are forms available there for those who want to upgrade their dorms.

sh*t happens

So you've heard about Sh*t Happens and you want to know what SH really is. Test book wise, what does the word "Narrator" mean? According to google, A Narrator is "a person who narrates something, esp. the events of a novel or narrative poem." So basically, that is what SH is. When you RP your character doing something illegal, there is a big chance that SH could pop into your thread, using NPC cops to bust your character.

SH also narrates main plot events that happen in the school. Please keep in mind that SH does have the power to godmod your character but only to a certain extent. You are not allowed to godmod SH. It's SH's job to spice things up, appearing in random threads and basically causing a lot of trouble (most of the time).

how events can affect you

Events events, events...The most common event would be the weather. There will be times when a storm will come into the town of View Point, making it impossible for students to go outside unless they want to risk getting hit by lightning. Sometimes, something big would happen like a fire or a shoot out somewhere in town. You never know what to expect. The best way for you to know what's going on, you'll have to check the NEWS BOX found at the top right corner of the "Home" page.

For most important events, a link will be provided for easy access to where the even is actually happening.

Of course, not all events are tragic. There will be Spring Flings, wild house parties, a sudden outbreak of fleas (okay, maybe that's a little tragic). You get the picture? Awesome. Most event will last a week depending on how big it is. If you want to suggest any events, feel free to PM the Admin.

on jobs and money

After checking out the site, you'll probably notice that some places require you to pay a certain amount whenever you post a thread. Sometimes, you might even need the money to buy items that you'll need for certain classes or clubs. You might want to buy a new house or upgrade your dorm...maybe even get into the hottest nightclubs. The problem? You don't know how to earn money.

The easiest and most common way to earn your big bucks, would be to post in Role Playing zones. Don't think that by spamming the General Chat topic you could get some cash. Oh no, there are only certain boards that would yield some cash and those are the RP Zones: Wilde Academy (inside and out), Dorms, View Point, and Out of Town.

Groaning at all the work? Don't worry! There's a faster way to earn the greens. You could always apply for a job! Job Applications are available at the Job Fair which can be found at theWHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING board]. Job opening will be posted in the News Box. How do I apply? All you have to do is follow instructions. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

So now you have a job. What do you do? You work of course. How do you work? You RP it. Where do you RP? Where you work. Don't worry, it's in the job description. You'll know where to go. Certain jobs earn certain bucks depending on the word count.

For example: you get a job as a the Janitor's Assistant. In the job description, it says that you earn $10.00/50 words. Place of work is: Hallways & Staircases @school. So you go to that designated place and make a Working thread. Make sure you tag the thread with "[W]" so we know it's a working thread. You role play your character doing his job with 156 words. You get $30.00. How great is that?

So how do we know you're doing your job? Of course, you have to do the weekly Work Log. A Work Log is where you post the link to your working threads (a template will be provided). The Admin will check this log every SUNDAY of EVERY WEEK. After updating your cash, the log will be reset. This means a new log will be provided every week to avoid confusion and to make sure no one cheats. The Work Log can be found under the "Your Character" board.

the rating system

RATED THREADS: When creating a thread, it's generally PG 13. But not necessarily so. But let's be realistic here. You can't have freshman going third base right away. It's just...wrong. So let's be realistic and practical.

For topics that go beyond the PG 13 rate, then you have to to put this "[R]" before the title of your thread. This is to warn users that this thread contain sensitive content that should not be read by, er, minors. hear that kids? DO. NOT. READ. THE. RATED. THREADS. Unless you'r willing to sacrifice what little bit of innocence you have left. It's you're decision though.

For threads that stay within normal bounds, you do not have to place a rating.

WORKING THREADS: Working Threads are threads that are related to your character's full-time/part-time jobs. All working threads should be marked with "[W]" at the title.


[P or SOLO] = Private, solo RP
[OPEN] = Any variation to this means that you are free to post here. open threads don't necessarily need to have this tag but it helps to let people know that they can join in whenever they want to.
[CLOSED/may contain a name of a person] = This means that it is a closed thread.

the staff list

ETHAN - Main Administrator
CHARACTERS: Aaron King, Evan Sinclair


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